A little vent and one I wish white tech feminists would consider

If you played Bioshock Infinite, you would be familiar with Daisy Fitzroy. Daisy Fitzroy did not have to be hypersexualized in the Bioshock Infinite game, the entire game was already set on the male gaze. Because there was the dichotomy of pitting the stereotypical white male savior as an anti-racist ”progressive” against the more ”radical” black woman whose story mattered less in the game.

Of course we are not able to have a more well-balanced discourse because when talking about sexism or objectification in games, there is always the annoying anti-feminists/ MRAs who say,” YOU JUST HATE SEXY WOMEN!” and white feminists who frame the conversations as simply, and exclusively ”my choices” versus ”how men see them.” And as a woman of color who plays games, this is quite frustrating to me. The aspect of white privilege is that it unconsciously sets certain dichotomies in place, and it is difficult for women of color like me to find more room when we want to make more valid cultural criticism. There leaves little room for me to publicly examine trends of colonialism and racism that do impact games – games may seem like just a medium for entertainment, but art does not exist out of a vacuum. Colonialist cultures do inform a lot of arts, and games are no exception.