So I came across this Time article..

So I came across this Time article that said Prince of Persia (1989) was one of their ”picks for the All-TIME 100 greatest video games.” This is the article:

I could recognize the photo because well I played it a lot as a child

Prince of Persia First of all, it obviously had the typical damsel in distress, trope, with added Orientalist depictions. I mean, seriously?


Even if it’s subtle, it’s still Orientalist, ‘exoticizing’ and racist. And yes, I’m sure first world audience will immediately associate certain stereotypes with this above.


Why, yes, *trying* to associate turbans with hostile swordsmen is what makes this game one of the best and most progressive /sarcasm

And this is quoted from a website;

”The plot of the Disney 1992 film Aladdin has many similarities with Prince of Persia. In the film, the evil vizier Jafar tries to force the princess (of the mythical city of Agrabah) to marry him, and Aladdin tries to save her. Towards the end of the film, Jafar also traps the princess inside a giant hourglass, similar to the one the evil vizier from Prince of Persia summons forth at the beginning of the game to indicate the time in which she has to make her decision to marry him or die.”

Seeing as how Jasmine was also ‘exoticized’ and hypersexualized (let’s be real, mostly with racialized connotations), you really think this game should be one of the all time best top 100 video games?