How popular culture effected my childhood

I’ve been thinking about my childhood and how even growing up in a ”non-white country” still means I was not separated from white supremacy. I’ve been thinking about the cartoons I watched, and I remember I used to laugh a lot at this. Only during my adulthood, it occurs to me that this is very Orientalist:

I also remember the times when I as a child played Prince of Persia (1998) on my relative’s computer.. And I liked it during my childhood. And again, I realize now how Orientalist and cliched that game is, sigh.

Again, I start remembering more about the things I used to enjoy during my childhood. I remember the times when I used to enjoy watching Police Academy series, I used to think American cops were ”heroic” and ”superior.” (Of course that’s just an oppressive myth) This was how I thought — as a child!

I realize that for more than 90% of the time during my childhood, I had to enjoy things which had racialized and Orientalist connotations. Of course, you can still enjoy and like popular media while being critical of the problematic parts, as a lot of us already know. At the same time, I’m convinced that the ”white man’s burden” and ”savage brown/dark-skinned people” tropes in popular culture are a root to a lot of evil around this world.