Hypersexualization of non-Western women

Western privilege in the world of video gaming is not always discussed enough. Objectifying women is very much related to Western privilege. Criticizing objectification isn’t necessarily ”criticizing sexiness”, contrary to what others may say.

Objectification against women is problematic as it is about treating women as background props or as primarily (stress on the word ‘primarily’) hypersexualized objects to make men or white supremacist causes look ”better.”

Non-Western women are often the targets of this aspect of popular culture. During historic colonialism, people relied on images of hypersexualized non-Western women to further the image of colonists. Today, this is transmitted further via popular medium and video games

Some examples include;

Fable: The Lost chapters (2005)

Fable Anniversary (2014)

Far Cry 3 (2012)

Today, your entertainment and popular culture rely a lot on the hypersexualization of non-Western women. It is a symbol of white and Western privilege to not recognize this.