Damsel in distress & its myth

There’s this myth, since far past, that the repetitive (stress on the word, ‘repetitive’) theme of ”damsel in distress” makes gameplay more enjoyable and exciting.

In 1991, when it was researched 8% of video games had female characters, a most common role was still ”damsel in distress” — as needing to be rescued and objectified at the same time.

There’s the message which popular games often send that should be eradicated:

”Objectify women while you save them — it’s for their own good”

That message is also alarming because it sends the impression that dominant white male saviors (protagonists) are always right in whatever they do, even if at some point they engage in some cruelty in the gameplay.

You know what’s more original and fun? Inversion of the damsel in distress trope. With a little humor. Admittedly, this is why I enjoyed the Secret of Monkey Island game so much (although the storyline is still very male-centric)