Atomic Wrangler Crier : Fallout New Vegas

The many times I’ve played Fallout New Vegas, I never understood what was the point of the Atomic Wrangler Crier.

”Hungry? Thirsty? Horny? The Atomic Wrangler has you covered!”

Make a brief stop at the Atomic Wrangler, where the booze is cheaper, the tables are friendly, and the women are just like the booze!”

– Atomic Wrangler Crier

It’s one very blatant, overt form of objectification against women — amplifying the reminder of exaggerated sexist popular advertisements we see everyday. Yes, I’m aware that there are men who are sex workers in Fallout New Vegas. No, I’m not singling out on just the Atomic Wrangler Crier.

It’s just also regarding the dialogues — I don’t really know how the words of the Atomic Wrangler Crier contributed to a better gameplay, overall. I know it seems pretty simple, but the problems with objectification against women in video games isn’t really just — ”hey sexiness, too much sexiness”, it’s about how women characters are used as primarily background props to make objects, companies and men look ”better.” And this often invokes exaggerated, overtly sexist terminology — ”the women are just like the booze.”